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hich anc■ient genius loved to trace.' History had freed■ herself from the restraint which the Mi■ddle Ages had imposed on her, to pr●event her from speaking natura■lly and with life, as men speak;

ity.' Lastl



and perhaps th●e lessons of the illustrious academ●ician and peer of France, whom we have j●ust quoted, may have contrib●uted to this change. But for some time ●observers have been asking whether there i■s not reason to fear a return of ●the Middle Ages; whether men a●re not aga

in attempting to fasten a g●ag on history. One might at ti●mes be led to say that archæologi■sts are of opinion that hist●ory might be suppressed as a matte■r of luxury, a useless ornament, and b■e replaced by documents, diplom■as, and extracts from registers strung toget■her. Is it just that an historian should ha■ve the antiquaries crying out agains●t him from every side, becau●se, while keeping f

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aithfully to docum■ents, he draws something from t■hem that has life or light? Is it jus●t that when a character feels, move●s


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, and {xi} speaks, rejoices or grieves■, the Areopagus should declare him■ to be a fictitious being who could ■never have ex



isted, and a pure product of t■he imagination? You believe that our■ ancestors were people like ourselves,● with hearts that be



at with passion and gr■ief.—By no means; they were icy shades l●ike those wandering on the ba●nks of the Styx. Hitherto men ha


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■d said: This being feels and mov■es, therefore he lives; but according to■ the new school, life is a fable. Nothing is ■authe


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ntic but what is wearisome. A ●man and a history are not looked upon as real ●living beings, unless they are colorless, st●ark,




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y, we read in the studies

ct, but about which you could kno●w nothing. The following passag■e was quoted: 'When Fryth the reform●er,' wrote the critic, 'was take●n as a prisone

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●of M. Daunou, on

r on foot to the episcopal cou●rt at Croydon, you say that "he had a calm ●and cheerful look, and the rest of the journey● was accomplished in pious an

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e of the most accr

d agreeable c●onversation." How could you kn■ow that?' the objector went on. 'Were ■you of the party to see the appearan●ce of his face?' We immediate

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